Class: Not Specified
AWS: Not Specified

All Purpose Electrode

Weld Process: Shielded Manual Metal Arc

Deposited Chemical Composition % (Typical)
C = 0.10 Cr = 29.0 Si = 1.00
Ni = 9.0 Mn = 0.80 S = 0.01
P = 0.02 Cu = 0.06 Mo = 0.70
Fe = Balance

Due to exceptional strength and crack resistance, makes DURAMAX SUPERBLUE the ideal choice for repairing tools, dies, spring steel and any dissimilar metal combinations, except for the aluminum and copper alloys. DMSUPERBLUE is also recommended for repairing worn parts and as an underlay for hardfacing. The ultimate electrode for welding all types of steels, without any danger of cracking or breakage. Special “FERRITE BALANCED” Chemistry also serves as a “STUD PULL” electrode

DMSUPERBLUE is also noted for good weldability, easy slag removal, high tensile and yield strength and elongation. DMSUPERBLUE is suitable for welding high strength alloyed structured tool and heat treatable steels, also for welding of dissimilar steel combinations. Preheating to 400ºF is recommended.

Deposited All Weld Metal Properties %
(Typical) As-Welded
Yield Strength 71,000 psi
Tensile Strength 100,000 psi

Deposited Charpy-V-Notch Impact Properties %
50 J @ +20ºC

Available Sizes & Recommended Welding Parameters
Current AC or DCRP

Diameter Amperes
3/32 60 – 90
1/8 80 – 120
5/32 110 – 160
3/16 140 – 220