Class: RG45
AWS: A5.2

Conforms to Certification: AWS A5.2 | ASME SFA 5.2

Weld Process: Oxyfuel Gas Welding Rod

AWS Chemical Composition Requirements
C = 0.08 max Cu = 0.30 max
Mn = 0.50 max Cr = 0.20 max
Si = 0.10 max Ni = 0.30 max
P = 0.035 max Mo = 0.20 max
S = 0.040 max Al = 0.02 max

Available Sizes
.045 X 36
1/16 X 36
3/32 X 36
1/8 X 36
5/32 X 36

Characteristics, Features & Application
DURAMAX RG45 welding rods are used for the oxyfuel gas welding of steels, where the minimum tensile strength requirement of the steel does not exceed 45 ksi (300 MPa). DMRG45 rods have a low carbon steel composition, they may be used to join wrought Iron and are a general purpose oxyfuel gas welding rod.

Deposited All Weld Metal Properties % (Typical) As-Welded
UTS (N/mm²) YS (N/mm²) Elongation %
——- ——- ——-

Deposited Charpy-V-Notch Impact Properties %(Typical) As-Welded
Not Specified in AWS Specification

Recommended Operation of Welding Rods
DURAMAX RG45 may be used either forehand or backhand
welding. Use a neutral flame or with a slight excess of acetylene.
In the making of it is possible to produce a weld with a composition intermediate between those of the base metal and the filler metal.