WWMetallizing Stainless Wire #1

Class: No #1
AWS: MIL-W-6712B, Stainless Steel 18-8

C = 0.08 max
P = 0.03 max
S = 0.03 max
Mn = 2.0 max
Ni = 8.0 max
Cr = 18.0 max
Si = .075 max
Fe = Balance

Stainless Metallizing Wire #1 can be sprayed with most metalizing guns, using only fuel gas. Use #1 wherever a corrosion and wear resistant stainless steel is required. Applications include shafts, value plugs, hydraulic rams. Since it is a high-shrink material, use grooves for coatings more than .030” thick, wherever there are edges. Parameters for spraying can be obtained from Spraying Instruction Manuals. Coatings may be machined or ground. Respiratory protection is recommended for spraying this material.