LFB Bare

Class: RBCuZn-C Bare
AWS: A5.8

Certification: AWS A5.8 | ASME SFA A 5.8

Weld Process: Brazing Rod

AWS Chemical Composition Requirements
Cu = 56.0 – 60.0 Sn = 0.80 – 1.10
Zn = Balance Fe = 0.25 – 1.20
Al = 0.01 max Si = 0.04 – 0.15
Pb = 0.05 max Mn = 0.01 – 0.50
Other = 0.50 max

Available Sizes
1/16 x 36
3/32 x 36
1/8 x 36
5/32 x 36

Designed for repair and fabrication application on steel copper, copper alloys, nickel, and nickel alloys.

Deposited All Weld Metal Properties % (Typical) As-Welded
Not Specified in AWS Specification

Deposited Charpy-V-Notch Impact Properties %(Typical) As-Welded
Not Specified in AWS Specification

Recommended Operation of Brazing Rods
Clean all areas to be joined or built-up thoroughly. Paint weld are with Welco 600 bronze brazing flux. Using a neutral flame, heat the part until the flux liquefies. The flux can also be applied directly to the rod, by heating the rod and dipping into the powdered flux. Add a drop of the alloy and flow it out using the torch flame. If a large area is to be surfaced or a number of passes are required to restore the part to the original size, Nickel Silver flux coated rods should be used. There is no need to remove the flux between passes. The torch should be held at a low angle to prevent excessive heat build-up in the part. When working on cast iron, bonding qualities can be improved by first searing the surface with a strong oxidizing flame.