Class: ERTi-6
AWS: A5.16

C = 0.08 max
O = 0.18 max
H = 0.015 max
N = 0.05 max
Al = 4.5-5.8
Sn = 2.0-3.0
Fe = 0.50 max
Y = 0.005 max

This material has good weldability, oxidation resistance, and stability and strength at elevated temperatures. Use on components where high elevated temperature strength is required. All automatic weld processes can be used. Titanium is a reactive metal that is sensitive to embrittlement by oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen at temperatures above 500F. This can be provided by shielding the metal with high purity inert gas or in a chamber. Cleanliness of the joint is a major factorin producing porosity free welds. Protection of the wire at all times is required to assure cleanliness. Can be fusion welded to Zirconium, Tantalum, Nobium and Vanadium. Should not be fusion welded to Copper, Iron, Nickel, and Aluminum, as it will produce extremely brittle welds