Class: EB-6
AWS: A5.23

Conforms to Certification: AWS A5.23 | ASME SFA A5.23

Weld Process: Submerged Arc Welding Process

AWS Chemical Composition Requirements
C = 0.10 max Mn = 0.35 -0.70
Si = 0.05 -0.50 S = 0.025 max
P = 0.025 max Cr = 4.50 – 6.50
Mo = 0.45 – 0.70 Cu = 0.35

Available Sizes:
3/32 x 60c
1/8 x 60c
5/32 x 60c

This type wire is classified by the chemical composition of deposited weld metal in combination with a specific welding flux using the submerged welding process. The weld metal properties are obtained by the use of a properly selected flux and EB6 wire and knowing if the weldment is to be heat treated or as welded condition.

Deposited Chemical Composition %(Typical)
C = 0.07 S = 0.010 Mo = 0.50
Mn = 0.60 P = 0.015 Cu = 0.20
Si = 0.39 Cr = 5.25

Note: Using Neutral flux

Mechanical Properties (Nominal Values) R.T.
Tensile Strength 72,000 psi
Yield Strength
Elongation 27%

Recommended Welding Parameter
Weld parameter dependent upon the wire diameter and welding flux being used.
Note:  Both agglomerated and fused fluxes can be used for submerged arc welding.
Note:The chemical composition of the flux mainly affects the chemistry of the weld metal and consequently its corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.