Class: E410-16
AWS: A5.4

Conforms to Certification: AWS A5.4 | ASME SFA 5.4

Weld Process: Shielded Manual Metal Arc

AWS Chemical Composition Requirements
C=0.12 max Si=0.90 max
Cr=11.0 – 13.5 P=0.04 max
Ni=0.70 max S=0.03 max
Mo=0.75 max Mn=1.0 max
Cu=0.75 max


DURAMAX E410-16 has a nominal composition (wt.-%) of 12 Cr that is an air-hardening steel. Preheat and postheat treatments are required to achieve welds of adequate ductility for many engineering purposes.
DM410-16 welds alloys of similar compositions and is also used for the surfacing of carbon steels to resist abrasion, erosion, and corrosion.

Note: Heat to 730°C to 760°C for 1 hour; furnace cool at a rate not exceeding 110°C per hour to 315°C and air cool to ambient.

Deposited Chemical Composition % (Typical)
C=0.038 Cr=12.20 Si=0.52
Mn=0.68 P=0.021 S=0.01
Ni=0.65  Mo=0.012  Cu=0.035
Deposited All Weld Metal Properties %  
(Typical) As-Welded
Tensile Strength 79,000 psi
Yield Strength 63,500 psi
Elongation 24%

Deposited Charpy-V-Notch Impact Properties %
Not Applicable

Available Sizes & Recommended Welding Parameters

Diameter Voltage Flat Amperage Vertical & Overhead
3/32 24-28 70-85 65-75
1/8 26-30 85-110 80-90
5/32 28-32 110-140 100-120
3/16 28-32 120-160 110-130