Class: ER5554
AWS: A5.10

Conforms to Certification: AWS A5.10 | ASME SFA A5.10

Weld Process: Mig, Electron bead, Oxyfuel gas

AWS Chemical Composition Requirements
Si = 0.25 max Cr = 0.05 – 0.20
Fe = 0.40 max Zn = 0.25 max
Cu = 0.10 max Ti = 0.05 – 0.20
Mn = 0.50 – 1.0 Al = Remainder
Mg = 2.4 – 3.0 Be = 0.0003 max
Other = 0.05 each – 0.15 total

Available Sizes:
Upon Request, call for more information

This material can be used to weld base material types 5454 and 5456. All inert gas processes, electron beam and oxyfuel gas welding processed can be used.

  • The proper choice of aluminum filler metal mainly depends on the base metal properties to be achieved andWelding technique. Post weld cracking, corrosion resistance and behavior under elevated temperature also need to be taken into consideration.
  • Cracking usually can be minimized by choosing a filler metal alloy of higher alloy content then the base metal.

Deposited Chemical Composition % (Typical)
Deposited chemistry is influenced by many factors so no typical analysis can be recorded.

Deposited All Weld Metal Properties %

Deposited all weld metal properties are influenced by many factors such as weld process used, so no typical weld metal properties can be reported.

Deposited Charpy-V-Notch Impact Properties %
Not applicable

Recommended Operation of Welding Rods
Weld parameters are dependent upon the actual weld process being utilized.